Sunday, February 26, 2012

What's the Buzz? (2001 Guild F-47RCE)

Craigslist can be addictive!  The good news is that I am identifying dozens of great guitars locally that I'd love to have.  The bad news is I am identifying dozens of great guitars locally that I'd love to have. The key will be jumping on desirable guitars listing for half their value or less that are in good condition and presumably for which it will be easy to find a good home if and when I am ready to resell.  Oh, and I probably won't be springing $3,000 yet for that mint-condition Martin that just posted until I can prove to myself that this hobby won't break the bank.

I drove an hour down to the Mass/Rhode Island border this morning to take a look at another promising guitar: a 2001 Guild F-47RCE.  It is a one-owner guitar built in Westerly, RI the last year before the manufacturer moved out West after the Fender buy-out and later discontinued the model.  The 2001 catalogue price was $2,199, but the Music Mall in Worcester, MA sold it new in 2002 for $1,599 (the seller had the original paperwork, which is always a plus).  As an aside, note that one should not pay full retail for a new high-end guitar, even at a music dealer. Such guitars are routinely sold at significant markdowns to MSRP.  You should also always inquire about a professional discount on top of the markdowns if you can make any plausible case that you are a professional "musician."

This Guild was in good condition and the asking price was attractive given that this model guitar is currently listing on Ebay used for $1,499 and the web is full of glowing reviews for this guitar.  In fact, since listing it yesterday, the seller mentioned he had checked Ebay and was obviously thinking he should have listed it for more.  After noodling on the guitar both with and without amplification and a little bit of friendly haggling, I left with the guitar just under his asking price.

Now that I'm home getting to know my new friend, there is a slight buzzing from what sounds like the inside body of the guitar, especially when playing the higher registers.  It does not appear to be a fret or neck problem (loose and resonating pickup parts perhaps?) and I am hoping that upon closer examination by a professional there is an easy and inexpensive fix.  Overall, the sound is big and bright and I am hoping that with an easy adjustment to bring the high action down a bit this will be one sweet instrument.

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